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Body Balancing Asanas 

1.Vrksasana (Vrksa = Tree, Asana = Pose, Tree pose)
Benefits : a. It removes the wavering of the mind 
                  b. It develops the nervous system and makes it stable 
                  c. Improves balance
                  d. Strengthens  your core


2.Garudasana ( Garuda = Eagle, Asana = Pose, Eagle pose)
Benefits : a. Strengthens & Stretches' the thighs, ankles, Upper back, shoulders & Calves
                   b. Improves Concentration 
                   c. Improves sense of Balance


2021-08-18_16-38-30 v2.jpg

3. Hasta Padangusthasana (Hasta = Hand or pam, Pada = legs or feet)
Benefits : a. It cures diseases of the feet and hands
                   b. Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, and legs
                   c. It  helps to cures Parkinson's disease 


4. Natarajasana ( Nata = Actor or dancer, raja = King, Lord of dance pose) 
Benefits : a. Improves balance  
                   b. Stretches' hamstring, Shoulders and chest 
                   C. Strengthens the thighs, ankles and legs

Yoga on the Beach

5.EekapadaUtkatasana (Eka=One, Pada=foot, Utkata=fierce, Asana=posture)
Benefits : a. Streches the spine, shoulders, wrist, hips & Hamstring
                   b. Improves digestion
                   c. Streches hamstring & Calve muscles
                   d. Strengthens the thighs and legs
                   e. Improves digestion
                   f. Calms the brain

YekaPada Utkatasana.jpg

6.Vasisthasana (named after Vasistha-one of the oldest Vedic sages, Side Plank)
Benefits : a .Strengthens arm balance, the wrists, belly and legs
                   b. It also stretches the backs of the legs and improves your sense of balance


Side Plank.jpg

9.Ardhachandrasana ( Ardha = half, Chandra = Moon, Asana = Pose)
Benefits : a. The cells in the lungs are activated, which helps the patients of asthma 
                   b. It is useful or thyroid 
                   c.Stimulates the liver and kidneys


10.Ustrasana (Ustra = Camel, asana = pose)
Benefits : a. Increase energy flow, heat and fire in your body
                   b. Cleanse  the nerves system 
                   c. Establishes balance & Calm mind 


11.Salabasana (Salaba=Loctus, Asana=Pose, Locust Pose)
Benefits : a. Help relieve lower back pain & Stress
                   b. Strengthens your back muscles, especially the muscles supporting your spine 
                   c. Can counteract slouching and kyphosis (abnormal curvature of the spine)
                   d. Stimulates abdominal organs and streches shoulders and thighs 



12. Dhanurasana ( Dhanur=Bow, Asana=Pose, Bow pose)
Benefits : a. Strengthens your back and opens your shoulders, lungs and chest 
                   b. Can boost energy and fight fatigue
                   c. Stimulates the digestive system

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